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When you hold the line you do not yield to the pressure of a difficult situation.

Cora by name and curious by nature the bird couldn’t be left out of anything. She flew, uninvited, into my apartment just as I was cleansing the Shadowlands deck Fergie had gifted me. Never one to be out done she bought a card in her beak that had some bird advice on it.

“Please hold the line” was all it said. I looked at Cora and Cora looked at me with one of those Cora looks. If you didn’t know her better you might think she was angry about something. But no! She is just intent on delivering her message and on being listened to. After all, as she regularly reminds me, it was her ancestors who advised Odin.

“So are you going to check out what your new fancy deck has to say about holding the line” she asked rather pointedly.

“You are not jealous are you Cora? Fergie gave me these and you have to admit that the monsters are cute!”

“So get on with it” she said, ignoring me completely. Clearly she was not going to give any talk of jealousy oxygen.

I lit a candle, smudged us both with some sage and we went into one of those Tarot style trances! I shuffled and shuffled and out came a card with a bat that looked like it had come out of a war zone or a Covid 19 life support ward.

“Goodness me!” exclaimed Cora. “That poor bat is looking a bit worse for wear!”

“It looks like it has been through some kind of major transformation” I noted.

“Well that is stating the obvious” remarked Cora. “Bit like how you looked when Fergie arrived” she added.

“Well, while I am holding the line I could try envisioning myself integrating all the things I have learned and apply these for growth” I said trying to sound intelligent and spiritually minded.

“You could do all that” said Cora rather cynically. “Or you could be happy to simply hold the line and finish the project you started when you acquired this mansion.”

With that she turned up the volume of Toto banging our ‘Hold the Line’ and flew back out the window.

“While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping
As if someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door”.
Edgar Allen Poe

As I sat in my apartment, by my dressing table, admiring the ‘new’ me that Pook had, like some good fairy out of one of those Hans Christian Anderson tales, conjured up using a spell that involved the burning of pine needles, I heard a persistent tapping at my chamber window. I looked to see that Cora had arrived and was beckoning me to pay heed. She had a decidedly haughty, unfamiliar look about her.

Puzzled I opened the window only to be greeted with “Really! Anastasia! I am surprised at you! How could you let Pook lead you astray like this? You know he cannot be trusted. He weaves spells to bemuse our senses and confuse our judgement.”

I was about to slam the window shut, not wanting to hear another word when she added, “You know Pook is the master of illusion and delusion, holding up a distorting mirror to confuse and misguide you”.

With that she dropped her calling card telling me that perhaps I needed to reflect on this ‘little truth’ before I reduced myself to pursuing rather than being pursued or did anything to make an enemy out of the Empress.

As I looked at the card a flood of painful memories surged forward. Bereft I locked my chamber door and slipped under the doona to mull over the truth I was being forced to face.