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Guerino the Wretch, became a byword for Italian cunning and fearlessness: he is all orphan hunting for his parents in the company of an innkeeper’s son; in the course of their wanderings, the two youths reach a mountain pass near Norcia in Umbria, where they meet the Devil. The Devil wants Guerino’s soul – what else? – and tempts him with news of a great fata, a fairy, an enchantress, called Sibilla, who lives near by, in a subterranean kingdom where every delight will be his.
From: The Beast and the Blonde Marion Warner Chapter 1

Elisabeta, the snake haired siren offers us a thimble full of her potent fluid. She is the ultimate siren who sings a sweet song of seduction. She understands how to play on unfulfilled cravings and deep longings.

The lure of being able to be free of any responsibility is intoxicating and she leads us to believe that it is a good idea to moor in the Land of the Sweet Twilight.

Elisabeta has appeared at a time when we are seeking to live out a fantasy. Her timing is impeccable. The longing, the promise of boundless bliss is enough to drive us to enter the world of the Sweet Twilight.