Dwelling in the Land of Sweet Twilight

I have been drawn to reside in the land of the Sweet Twilight for 78 days. Over 78 days I will draw one card at a time and write about my interpretation of its meaning. It is my intention to sit with the art of Christina Benintende, one picture at a time. I will try to forget what each card is purported to mean, and while I may consider and make comparisons with the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith interpretations I want to be open to my intuitive responses. After working with each card I will slip the card back into the tuck box and shuffle again. If the mood takes me I will engage in path working and I might dialogue with the figure represented. 

Our old Spanish Galleon moored at a harbour and a group of us were lured by Elisabeta into the land of the Sweet Twilight. Upon our arrival I was met a Great Bear who demanded to know who I was.

Having satisfied the Bear we pressed on and came upon a carnival. In the land of the Sweet Twilight the carnival consists of several weeks of festivity and fun. Local inhabitants indulge in music, dances and parties from twilight to dawn. Wearing masks and costumes makes it possible for these people to hide any differences of class or status, and allows them to make fun of the aristocracy.

A renowned theatre troop were playing and we were so captivated by their performance that we lingered and joined in playing charades.

After an exhilarating time with the theatre troupe a group of us have decided to stay f and spend 78 days becoming very familiar with the people in this world. We are united!  In a blissful ceremony we celebrate our loving friendship and commit to supporting one another, to being open to the bliss of life, far removed from earthly concerns.

Once you enter this haunting land it is not easy to leave again. It will be many months before we return to the Galleon, if indeed it is possible to rejoin the crew that are sailing the seven Lemuria Seas.