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The Lord of Sceptres is forceful in pursuit of his desires and goals. He is assertive, bold and self assured. He characterises the positive energy of fire, which is direct, dynamic and active. He combines vitality and self-determination with an innovative nature making him a lightning rod of inspiration.
p. 182 Phantasmagoria

When I learned that the Lord of Sceptres was riding through the night to reach Shadwell any thoughts of seducing the Prince of Grails were put on hold. Besides, word had come via Cora (my Raven) that he was lingering at an Inn known to provide services to gentlemen of his ilk. “No class!” I thought to myself. “Still wearing the crease of the nappy!” I muttered a little uncharitably.

Now the Lord of Sceptres is another prospect altogether. His energy is projected forth like a flaming arrow and he is known to be powerful, honourable, optimistic, clever and enthusiastic. He thrusts his Will out into the world, sometimes with spectacular energy.

The more I thought of him thrusting his will the more determined I became. He might be powerful, clever and enthusiastic but so am I – with some help from my guides.

So I popped down into the woods and called upon the Fey Faeries to offer some advice. I clapped my hands together with glee when Pook agreed to a selfie by one of the mushrooms to be found there. This was quite something because the Pook is a shape changer who appears in whatever guise he thinks will be most confusing or useful depending on the circumstances.

Pook really is a naughty little shape changing villain. He whispered in my ear that perhaps, like him, I could do a spot of shape changing and attract the interest of the Lord by presenting myself as the Empress, who the Lord is known to have pursued so often.

“Are you saying I am not attractive Pook”? I demanded.

“Of course not my lady” Pook said quite unconvincingly. ” You are much cleverer than the Lord and you do know that he is besotted with the Empress! What about I weave a little spell and rectify all that grey hair and give you a fresh ‘look’?” he tactfully suggested.

The Lord of Sceptres can also represent divine inspiration and good news or advice. He is the creator who utilises his personal potential by identifying with his own inner image as the creator god. p.183 Phantasmagoria

With that he burned a few pine needles, muttered some mysterious words and blew smoke from the needles all over me. Then he held up a mirror! “What do you think?”

Whence came the term vamp? Short for “vampire,” the word meant a female seductress with an almost supernatural ability to drain male victims not of their blood, but of their…life force. Or something like that. Ask someone from the 1910s to name a vampire, and they were just as likely to say “Theda Bara” as “Count Dracula.”

When Cora, my faithful Raven, sang a sweet love song by my window something stirred within. “Ecstasy! It was once considered a favour of the gods, a divine gift that could life mortals out of ordinary reality and into a higher world. The transformative fire of ecstasy would burn away the barriers between ourselves and our souls, bestowing on us a greater understanding of our relation to ourselves and to the universe” (Johnson 1987,

The great tragedy of contemporary Western society is that we have virtually lost the ability to experience the transformative power of ecstasy and joy. This loss affects every aspect of our lives. The truth is that our spirits need nourishment more than ever. Excluding the inner experience of divine ecstasy from our lives can impact on our physical well being.

At a time when we have headaches instead of thunderbolts from Zeus and angina pains instead of the arrows of Eros, the impending arrival of the seductive Prince of Grails at Shadwell was like both a thunderbolt and a blazing arrow, transforming me, drawing forth the inner vamp. I needed to prepare myself! I needed to be as innovative as he was known to be, and think carefully about how to present myself, how to seduce him.


The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees.   
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas.   
The road was a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor,   
And the highwayman came riding—
The highwayman came riding, up to the old inn-door.
The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes

The Prince of Grails is approaching on his stallion. He is the Hand to the Empress and is coming to check that her wing is ready for her and her substantial entourage. As is the case in the Game of Thrones the Hand of the Empress is the most powerful appointed position in authority and responsibility.