Anastasia Riversleigh – A Mythic Vampyre Persona

In his much applauded Phantasmagoria, Ian Daniels invites us to begin a personal journey by creating a personal Vampyre name. “This helps establish a personality which will be specific to your journey while playing with the cards. It acts as a focal point when exploring and working with them. Your Vampyre name will also give you a mythic persona with which you can explore Phantasmagoria. These insights can then be employed to help and guide you in everyday life. The name can be an anagram of your actual name, a name that means something specific to you, or one from your imagination”.

Anastasia Riversleigh is a fictional name that took on meaning some years ago. She is the twin sister of Sibyl Riversleigh (one of my many alter egos) who opened the virtual Riversleigh Manor to Soul Food Cafe travellers back in 2005. When I watched Dublin Murders Cassie and Lexie reminded me of these twins who had been separated for so long.

Daniels says that to journey all one needs is the deck of 78 cards, a journal etc. Rather than using pen and paper this online journal provides a repository for Anastasia to store photos, insights and other materials.