Charades in the Land of Sweet Twilight

Posted: July 3, 2020 in Journeying, Tarot of Sweet Twilight, Tarot of the Vampyres

Death is one of the most feared cards in a Tarot Deck, and it is very misunderstood. Many people avoid mentioning this card because it has that much power. Most times, people take the name of the card literally. However, the real meaning within the Death card is one of the most positive in the whole deck.

The Death card signals that one major phase in your life is ending, and a new one is going to start. You just need to close one door, so the new one will open. The past needs to be placed behind you, so you can focus your energy on what is ahead of you.

We linger with the troupe of performers in the Land of Sweet Twilight, acting out something akin to charades. I perform a Death ritual that speaks of descending into the underworld to regenerate and transform while one of the actors, surrounded by knives, depicts what we loudly applaud. Given the troubles that surround everyone on planet earth at the moment she demonstrates the best course of action – she has found a peaceful spot to lie and wait out the storm.

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