As long ago as 3,000 years ago the Egyptians had already developed advanced methods for building boxes and wooden chests with dovetail joints, including their ceremonial and burial sarcophagi with incredible carving, metalwork, inlaid jewels, and gilding. Even the poorest Egyptians would have used reed wooden chests to store things. Image 1 King Tutankhamun’s Painted Chest (ruled 1332–1323 BC). Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

In ancient Greek and Roman times people stored their belongings in wooden chests and coffers, whilst the wealthy owned more ornate beautifully made trunks and treasure chests.

The History of Wooden Chests and Storage Boxes is fascinating.Over time the simple storage chest has evolved into different styles and been modified for different uses: wooden boxes, storage chests, tool chests, treasure chests, blanket boxes and steamer trunks. Wooden chests and trunks have became the most useful, and most versatile piece in furniture’s history.

We will possibly be gone for years so it was important that I packed some precious belongings and made sure that I had a selection of chests to store any treasure that I gathered.

When I was packing I did make sure to bring the Shadowland Tarot that Fergie had gifted me. It appears that many of the characters who live in that deck have a habit of walking in and out of it. Three rather cute, friendly little sea creatures appeared and gifted me a small medallion that they said came back on another voyage.

We had a joyous time sharing stories, a good laugh and a cocktail or two; or was it three. As I finally staggered off and laid my bones down they quietly disappeared back into the trunk. I am expecting to have quite a few of these creatures visit during the voyage.

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