Celestial Navigation is the art and science of finding your way by the sun, moon, stars, and planets, and, in one form or another, is one of the oldest practices in human history. Sailors looked at stars and other celestial bodies with the telescope of a sextant. The angular distance of a star above the horizon was read off the sextant’s scale. This way, sailors could calculate their positions.

As we board the Ghostly Galleon we discover that it is Thana who is at the helm. She whispers softly, bewitching us with her gentle blessings, encouraging us to live in perfect harmony in the present moment. Well practiced in the art of celestial navigation, mariners like her rely on the Sun and stars to tell time and determine their place on the featureless ocean. By her side sits the multi skilled Cora who, like the raven of Noah’s time, when sent will keep flying back and forth with essential information.

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